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north korea's former spy chief finishes his first meeting in new york with the u.s. secretary of state. hello again from doha everyone. is the world news from al-jazeera and also ahead. death toll rises to three in the latest protests to hit nicaragua as capital managua also the u.n. security council discusses the escalating violence between israelis and palestinian factions and ukraine stages the murder of a journalist they say it was to stop an attempt on his life and to capture the mastermind behind the plot.
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so north korea's former spy chief has met the u.s. secretary of state in new york these talks between kim jung troll and mike pompei i will continue on thursday as part of preparations for next month's summit between the two countries' leaders diplomatic editor james bass reports. arriving in the united states the personal emissary of kim jong un here for crucial negotiations which will decide the fate of the on again off again summit between his leader and president trump. general kim yong schol is staying in this hotel close to the u.n. for just two days the planned date of the summit in singapore now less than two weeks away hence the hectic diplomacy with meetings between the north koreans and the u.s. in singapore at the demilitarized zone between north and south korea and here in new york was secretary of state mike pump is meeting general kim at the white house
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they say it's president trump will make the final determination on whether the summit goes ahead as their conversation is going to be focused on denuclearization of the peninsula that's what these ongoing conversations taking place now will be centered on as well as this summit that will take place in singapore and we're going to continue it as long as that is part of the discussion we're going to continue to shoot for the june twelfth it was evening in new york at this apartment complex with the secretary of state and general kim had their first meeting of this trip although they already know each other from the two occasions this year when pump aoe visited pyongyang the dinner the first in a series of meetings between the two men took place in a residence owned by the u.s. mission to the united nations presumably it was chosen because it is secure a place where the two men can discuss all the secrets of north korea's nuclear
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program if of course general kim is prepared to divulge them james pays out jazeera new york meanwhile the russian foreign minister sergei lavrov is now in pyongyang in north korea for talks we've got right mcbride insult covering that cost the covering all the bases at the moment are up. that's right it is a further international dimension to this flurry of diplomatic activity sergey lavrov the russian foreign minister arriving in the last couple of hours in pyongyang and beginning talks with his opposite number this is supposedly come out a courtesy visit it's a reciprocal call the north korean foreign minister visited russia recently but obviously the timing of this we know what they're going to be talking about russia doesn't want to be left out of what is a very interesting and international international dynamic it really feels as
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though with its status it standing in the respect of the in the region it has to be involved rather like the chinese and in fact their position to the north korean crisis has been very similar to china's they have taken the view that both sides should deescalate they've both pushed for this so-called double freeze freeze on north korean missile and nuclear testing in return for south korea and the americans to stop exercises they've also taken a slightly pragmatic approach when it comes to sanctions like the chinese they believe that yes they'll go along with the u.n. sanctions but not to the point where it brings north korea to a state of collapse come on robin elsewhere around the region in a sure other preparatory events if you like going on. that's right they still continue this is a diplomatic machine with many moving parts obviously the more important talks have
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been taking place in panmunjom on the border in the truce village there between the delegation of u.s. officials and north korean officials daily they have been leaving from a hotel here in seoul to go up for those talks interestingly they have taken the day off it seems the american delegation has not been seeing leaving the hotel they have had have had a couple of breaks before now and i think it's probably reasonable to speculate that with kim young child and mike pompei o effectively their bosses in all of this negotiating process going to be holding higher level talks thursday in new york possibly they are taking a break to see what comes of those talks before they resume their talks again and of course down in singapore we have another group of officials meeting to go through all of the protocols on the logistics assuming that this summit is going to take place could point let's let's remember it's officially not actually happening
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at this point is that right mcbride in seoul with the latest thank you. just became the director of the center for conflict management sat at weill woman's university has told us there's already been great progress if the u.s. and north korea are willing to discuss denuclearization. so as long as the term dismantlement what it means is on the agenda for the singapore summit on june twelfth or whenever it takes place i think that's great progress i mean the fact that they want to agree on day one or minute one of that meeting face to face or even amongst a cream meetings that's occurring right now i think is sort of a side issue the important thing is that that's table that's on the menu and that does donald trump accountant can talk about it i think sort of the worst case scenarios that to agree to disagree on the one hand you have done some saying it's got to be sort of wine shop dismantled by north korea another sense argues that it should be a phased disarmament and maybe they meet in the middle hopefully they do meet in the middle i think north korean one where it's been very strategic it's basically done a combination of rational and irrational calculations in terms of i don't move forward
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rational sense that it has its own national interests it's got its head you want to worry about and also on the other hand there are people behind this rational calculus especially at the very top of kim jong un he's also a person he has he's human and he has emotions and also we've learned that it is the same type of persona and seem to be there now i'm sick room with donald trump. at least three people have been killed in the latest round of protests in nicaragua as capital managua demonstrations were triggered in april by the controversial reforms put forward by president daniel ortega which he later scrapped but now his protest as a demanding his resignation manuel appollo is in the capital with more. so to get you caught up a little bit about what we observed today it was it's actually mother's day and you get out one hand there was a large demonstration somewhere around half a million people took to the streets in solidarity with the mothers of the several of the students and other demonstrators peaceful demonstrators that have been
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killed over the course of the last month or so since april nineteenth when the government response to peaceful protests with a very heavy handed response the use of live fire lease of the. nation against peaceful protesters to be took to the streets today demonstrating calling again for the resignation of president dying in order they got somewhere near the end of the march just as the sun was setting we heard word that the engineering university here in the city of money had been under attack by a group of masked masked men and the latest that we can confirm is three people have been killed we believe that there are others that have been killed due to due to these attacks as well as due to sniper fire from an individual that were posted on top of the of the football stadium here shooting across the street into the local university we don't know how many people have been injured we don't know exactly how many people have been killed today but again we can confirm that at
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least three people have died the u.n. security council held an emergency session after a flare up of violence at the gaza border israel struck dozens of targets inside the gaza strip on tuesday after a rocket and multiple options from palestinian factions the u.s. that was saying how to simulate a ship needs to be held accountable for attacks against israel christensen only with more now from u.n. headquarters in new york. the one thing security council members seem to agree on on this issue of palestine in israel is their frustration over the council's inability to get anything done the united states had called this meeting we called hoping to release a statement on behalf of the council condemning rocket attacks from gaza into israel and in fact many council members did condemn those attacks but while the united states put all the blame for violence in the region on the palestinian leadership others like the united kingdom pointed out the desperate situation of
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the palestinian people is playing a part restrictions on movement lack of access to electricity water and jobs is all contributing to the tension and kuwait who is calling for an international protection force to ensure the safety of palestinian civilians blocked a formal statement from being issued on behalf of the council but. as long as this occupation continues the palestinian people have the legitimate right to fight it and to defend their aspirations and their dream of independence and a dignified and free life from her look at him look at the united states had this reaction the people of gaza do not need protection from an external source the people of gaza need protection from hamas it is the actions of hamas that are putting gaza and grave danger hamas is indiscriminate attacks against israel inevitably bring a response. the u.n.
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special coordinator for middle east peace. warned that further escalation an all out war remain a risk and he laid out some basic steps to prevent that from happening focusing on humanitarian needs and supporting the egyptian reconciliation process and he ended with a message directly to the people of gaza we hear your plight and suffering he said and we will do all that we can to ensure that you have a future beyond mere survival. the u.s. says israel should pause its settlement activities however to help washington's peace plan move forward the white house made that statement after israel approved the construction of the only two thousand new houses in the occupied west bank the watchdog says there's been a leap in settlement building since president trump took office members ready settlements are illegal under international law. a dissident russian journalist and fierce critic of the kremlin who was thought to have been murdered in kiev has turned up alive at a news conference. revealed it had all been
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a set up to catch his would be assassin challenge reports from moscow. from the dead russian journalist. and to a press conference in kiev to approve. after most of the world police show his murder had been faked a sting operation by ukraine secret service to apparently catch his would be killers apologize to all those who've been kept in the dark including his wife. i'd like to ask you to excuse me for all that happened in the past because i have attended funerals for colleagues and friends many times and i know this feeling when you have to bury called sorry for this unfortunately there were no other ways . flowers had been left outside kiev home where late on tuesday evening the journalist was reportedly found with fatal gunshot wounds to the back tributes and obituaries mourned his death. the secret was revealed live on t.v.
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at the channel where he works reacted with joy and tears of relief. russia has denied any role in the story and accused kiev of using it as propaganda but russia has where ukraine security chiefs allege the murder prosser ridge native. fled his home country last year after a career as an anti putin voice culminated in a state backed media campaign against him numbers of the. we reported that in order to fulfill the cynical plan special services of the russian federation recruited a ukrainian citizen the first letter of his name is g. he was commissioned to find perpetrators of this brutal murder for financial reward in order to fulfill the assignment from the russian special services citizen g offered his acquaintance to commit a terrorist act and to murder russian journalist. for thirty thousand dollars. ukraine's secret service the s.b.u. showed video allegedly of this citizen g.v.
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ing arrested on kiev streets and they say that the only one in danger thirty more people are being targeted for this working in the russian speaking world there is palpable relief that someone that they had been mourning is actually alive but among some there is also concern concern that in the post truth age an era of fake news security operation like this as spectacular as it may be might further degrades trust in the long run. al-jazeera moscow. in the news ahead a generation at risk the impact of years of civil war on south sudan's most vulnerable people and anger at austerity in greece and spilling over into the streets as thousands of workers stage a walkout. i
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told. me the weather sponsored by cattle i always have though it's still thundering every now and again sharing quite frequently so the caucasus to far north of syria and bits of north and there on the other doesn't look much in the way of tire there was enough to generate over the high a grand some pretty big downpours now the last for the most part is going to be fun and sunny for iran to back for iraq hot in baghdad forty or more but the cool weather talking down to the eastern med rains likely in beirut and beyond typically the west and event is turning rather more damp in the next day or so whilst it gets hotter in iraq forty one in baghdad and tempers are rising in the arabian peninsula in amman you want to see a forty six in line is cool around the goes to calls forty two in diverse on the high side about the same in mecca but given recent weather is an awful lot quite as
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not to be breezy there's not much sand in the atmosphere and virtually no showers i could even say there are no showers let's jump starts to look at south africa where we've been catching useful rain in the western cape in the last couple of weeks there's more cloud coming indicator it's not that promising after say the been a few showers to the east there in the forecast on thursday and the eastern side of so after crossing in the tao but even they disappear but time we get to friday. so whether it's sponsored by cattle waste. unpack it for us what were you hearing what were you seeing whether on line horrendous things you misunderstood as i was looking down that about that or if you join us on sacked a lot of the major countries in the commonwealth have far bigger fish to fry and chips to eat this is a dialogue talk to us about some of this success if perhaps everyone has a voice what happens when the robots themselves are making the decision join the
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colobus conversation amount is iraq. headlines for you here on al-jazeera north korea's former spy chief has met the u.s. secretary of state in new york talks between kim jung un peo will continue on thursday all part of preparations for next month's summit between kim jong un and president donald trump at least three people been killed in the latest round of protests in nicaragua as capital managua demonstrations were triggered in april by controversial reforms put forward by president will tell you go but the president the protesters i'm sorry i'm out demanding his resignation and a russian journalist thoughts have been murdered in kiev has turned up alive at
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a news conference. is a fierce critic of the kremlin he revealed his apparent death had been staged to catch his would be killed. more than one point two billion children are being robbed of their childhoods according to a new report by save the children of the worst affected countries as south sudan which has suffered a civil war for nearly five years now have a morgan reports from juba. fifteen year old mary kay dent has only one dream to go to school and get a degree so when her family told her she will be married off so they can get money she ran away to an orphanage. and. my brother said they wanted to sell me because they wanted money for food i told them i wanted to study but they said they didn't want me to go to school that girls don't go to school. mary says her family wouldn't have thought of marrying her off were it not for south sudan's dire economic situation
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a direct result of five years of civil war the rate of early marriage for girls here has risen from forty eight percent to fifty two in recent years. the worst parted in twenty thirteen when president salva kiir accused his former deputy rick machar of attempting a coup tens of thousands have been killed and a third of the twelve million population displaced sixty percent of them children according to the un but even children who haven't been displaced have not been spared the consequences of the world trade organization say along with early marriages many children are turning to the street south sudan so it has also resulted in a high number of young girls getting pregnant and more kids being recruited to fight in the conflict. like twelve year old bad day who says the economic crisis has meant he has to wash cars on the streets. there's no money so i can't go to school so i wash cars if i get some money i take it home so my mother can feed my brothers. save the children as young people in south sudan face
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a difficult future. and there's like three recent like there are the major leagues threats for children that are actually overlapping in south sudan and one in the high levels of poverty i know the one is the armed conflict that has been like going for many years now since two thousand and thirteen and the other reason is the discrimination against girls so actually we are risking we are risking a whole generation a generation that's struggling with the consequences of a war that's robbing them of their childhood as well as their future heba morgan al-jazeera juba. police in paris have dismantled the largest makeshift camp for refugees and immigrants in the city the camp has nearly one and a half thousand people recently to migrants drowned in one of the canals along the camp natasha butler has that story from paris. french police began clearing the
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camp in paris early on wednesday refugees mainly from eritrea somalia and sudan left with the few possessions they had they were taken to shelters around the city more than one thousand five hundred people had been living in poor conditions with no sanitation and little food exhausted most were relieved to be going through judith. it's been hard here it's dirty there's no toilet no shower to wash for more than three days i haven't had a shower sometimes they sometimes they don't it's like that. this is a never ending situation because of dublin italians have the migrants fingerprints but they don't hand out any papers the migrants end up in the street they come to france where they apply for asylum but then they are sent back to italy they come back here again and end up in the street earlier this month two migrants drowned in the canal the incidents highlighted the already desperate situation the mayor of paris says she's repeatedly urged the government to help but you also know that you
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and i think we could have avoided waiting four months to find shelter for these people the suggestion i made to the state was to build a welcome seemed like the one we used to have that put out the only option possible for one to avoid these camps that have been thirty five clarence's of camps like this across paris in the last three years but this is the first one since the government passed its new immigration law it says the law will help genuine asylum seekers but it wants it to crack down on so-called economic migrants. they will be sheltered but in return. the government and the president clearly said they will be tracked and their situations will be verified. at the shelters some migrants rested while french officials checked people's identities the government hopes its new immigration law will reduce the number of migrants coming to france but for now it seems that there is no end to those who arrive hoping for
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a better future especially butler al-jazeera paris. the leader of populist five star movement has suggested a compromise to end the country's months long political deadlock and we has tried to resurrect his coalition by selecting a new candidate for finance minister italy has now been without a working government for three he is in my work is in greece and walked off the job they are protesting austerity measures that are part of a bailout agreement with foreign lenders labor unions have called for a twenty four hour general strike it will disrupt flights public transport and close schools hospitals will only have emergency staff johnson has more now from the streets of athens. these people are protesting against a mix of austerity policies each of which was justified as an emergency measure to balance the budget but cumulatively and over eight years that mix is becoming explosive taxes have gone up throughout the crisis to continue to raise sixty
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billion dollars a year even as the economy shrank by of course pensions have been cut by as much as half salaries by fifteen percent and worst of all unemployment still stands at twenty percent but together with underemployment is as to mazie dead closer to twenty seven percent the squeeze on people's incomes has meant that greeks have lost much more than one hundred million dollars in savings there's another one hundred million dollars worth of bank woes they can't or won't pay off and the properties underpinning those loans are now being sold four billion dollars worth last year and that fire sale is expected to double this year come january pension is looking at a new eighteen percent cut and salaried workers a new tax hike the eurozone is telling greeks that the medicine is working because they are managing to export enough wells to continue to pay that bailout loans back
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these people would like a second opinion. now iraq's electoral commission says it's cancelling the results for more than a thousand polling stations used in this month's parliamentary vote it says it has evidence of fraud at voting centers both in iraq and abroad charles traffic reports from baghdad. members of the iraqi parliament called an open special session on monday following more allegations of fraud during parliamentary elections earlier this month they called the votes in the predominately sunni provinces of. nineveh and all ballots cast by iraqis living abroad to be manually recounted the demand was supported by many sunni politicians and others who opposed the election results which source successful outcome for three main shia led blocs in iraq's first election since the defeat of eisel. there are frauds and problems that took place and that is seeing into the made by parliament today i personally
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support the. interest of the political and the book attic process in iraq and they must be implemented. prime minister hyderabadi warned in his weekly news conference a potential political instability if demands for recounts continued and had them shape we're checking all violations and complaints i must say that the political process is important we can't get into a political vacuum parliament is only left with thirty days to finish its legal term and the new parliament must take effect after that without a new parliament in place will be a constitutional gap on wednesday parliament's special session continued. twenty eight parliamentarians put together a draft law rule for a complete to recount of votes across all of iraq and for it to be supervised by the iraqi judiciary and the un mission in the country iraq's independent election commission cancelled results of one thousand and twenty one polling stations including those in the predominantly sunni provinces of china nineveh and sixty
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seven outside the country even warned of the potential of civil war if the crisis escalates for many iraqis including those who voted abroad allegations of voting fraud comes as no surprise i'm sorry to say that we have no. hope. but it's. also. changed in the coming years because if we keep electing these people people are not going to have a change and. in order for any country wide to recount will to be passed it has to be ratified by fifty percent plus one of iraq's sri hundred twenty nine members of parliament before it is then signed off by the supremes cold but despite the kind of legal difficulties that the twenty eight parliamentarians calling for this
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recount face the issue highlights just how difficult it is to form a government after years of political tension and violence in iraq. baghdad. fast moving the lover from hawaii the killer whale volcano has triggered a new round of evacuations that has now been locked one major evacuation route on the big island and it's heading toward the crossroads of another almost a month now since killer wave began erupting displacing thousands of residents and destroying seventy five homes now the disgraced us movie producer harvey weinstein will now face trial after being formally indicted on rape charges the new york grand jury's decision follows weinstein's arrest and court appearance last friday mike hanna has more on that. well the new york district attorney insists that the grand jury indictment takes the case against harvey weinstein to a new level what will happen next is that he will be arraigned before a judge he will be able to plead guilty or not guilty his lawyer maintains that
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weinstein will definitely be declaring himself not guilty and his lawyer says too that he will continue to fight against these charges even attempting to question the charges before weinstein goes to court the charges that the grand jury has brought are similar to those that the police brought last friday when weinstein surrendered himself to police before being placed on one million dollars bail and they pertain to two separate rape charges one is rape with compulsion which carries a sentence of up to twenty five years the other second life slightly more minor a rape charge has also be brought along with a criminal intent to act so certainly three charges very very serious indeed the next step is for weinstein to appear before a judge but remembering too that this is a new york case there are a series of other actions pending against weinstein in other u.s.
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cities as well as in other parts of the world. with al-jazeera these are the top stories north korea's former spy chief has met the u.s. secretary of state in new york talks between kim young and mike crapo will continue on thursday part of preparations for next month's summit between kim jong un and president donald trump diplomatic editor james bays has more from new york. well great deal to work out here before they can give the got to go ahead either side can say what they want to go to that summit that is supposed to take place in singapore secretary of state pompei o.s.b. leading the diplomacy on this interesting that also we spotted here a top cia official andy kim who was with secretary of state pompei on his two trips to pyongyang and other news at least three people have been killed in the
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latest round of protests in nicaragua as capital managua demonstrations were triggered in april by controversial reforms put forward by the president daniel ortega now protesters are demanding his resignation the u.n. security council has held an emergency session after a flare up of violence at the gaza border and israel struck dozens of targets inside the gaza strip on tuesday after a rocket and mortar launches from palestinian factions a russian journalist who was thought to have been murdered in kiev has turned up alive at a news conference. is a fierce critic of the kremlin he revealed his apparent death had been staged to catch his would be killer more than one point two billion children are being robbed of their childhoods according to a new report from save the children that's more than half of all the children in the world the report says three key factors are to blame conflict poverty and discrimination against girls the leader of italy's populist five star movement
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suggested a compromise to end the country's months long political deadlock luigi the myo has tried to resurrect his coalition by selecting a new candidate for finance minister italy has now been without a working government for three months and the us movie mogul harvey weinstein will now face trial after being formally indicted on rape charges. grand jury's decision follows weinstein's arrest court appearance last friday he has been accused of sexual misconduct by more than seventy women with some allegations dating back decades denies those allegations that's a look at the headlines here on al-jazeera the stream is next.
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where every. year in the stream live on al-jazeera and you tube what challenges do first generation immigrants encounter while running for public office we speak with a few who are working to improve the communities they both serve and represent and i'm femi oke a and i'm going to tell you a little bit about them as we have on today's show we have magic magic age who couldn't speak english when he first came to the u.k. from somalia as a five year old child he is now in order. in suburban sacramento california is the first sequel men in u.s. history to head a city government and jimmy much the son of undocumented immigrants is the first latino to washington do you have questions for them how could you not leave them in the chat and we will get to them later in the show and you can also tweet us at.


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